Which professional cooking top to choose? Practical guide Lotus cookers

Which professional cooking top to choose? Practical guide

How many types of professional cooking tops exist?

There are several types of professional cooking tops that are widely used in restaurants and commercial kitchens. Among them, the most common are the gas cooking top, the professional electric cooking top and the professional induction cooking top. Each type has its own distinctive characteristics and specific benefits, which can influence the final choice of a professional kictchen.

Which cooking top to choose

The choice of a professional cooking top depends on various factors: the way the chef is used to cook, the energy source available in the restaurant, the type of food served.

Gas cooking tops are extensively used in many professional kitchens due to their ability to provide immediate and adjustable heat. They are generally chosen by the more experienced chefs because they allow to food to be sautéed perfectly, having the flame following the pan during movement. Round or square electric cooking tops may be a better choice for those who prefer a cheaper and easier option: without the flame, in fact, the best way to mix the food is to is to stir it and not to sauté it. However, professional induction cooking tops are gaining popularity due to their greater energy efficiency, precision temperature control and ease of cleaning.

Sometimes, limitations imposed are due to restaurant regulations or position where they are placed. In a cruise ship or in a shopping center it is not allowed to use gas-powered equipment, therefore the choice will fall on the electric one; in a kiosk by the sea or in a food truck it is more recommended to work with a gas cooking top than an electric one, since there are not enough kilowatts available to use the other solutions.

When is the induction cooking top convenient?

The professional induction cooking top is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for many restaurants and commercial kitchens. This type of cooking top uses a special technology that heats the pot directly, with very little heat loss. Induction cooking tops offer an accurate temperature control and rapid heating, allowing chefs to cook more efficiently and precisely. This means that it is very energy efficient and helps reduce kitchen running costs. Last but not least, an induction cooking top is easy to clean, as the surface remains cold outside the area in contact with the pot.

Which cooking top is easier to clean

Cleaning a professional cooking top is an important consideration for any chef or kitchen manager. Induction cooking tops, as we said, are known for being very easy to clean. The surface outside the area in contact with the pot remains cold therefore any splatters or drops of food do not burn and stick to the surface so a damp cloth is enough to easily clean it. On the contrary, professional gas cooking tops require a little more time and attention to be cleaned, as they can accumulate food or grease residues on the pan supports or burners. Professional electric cooking tops are usually easy to clean, but may require the use of specific cleaners to remove any stubborn stains.

In conclusion, when choosing a professional cooking top, it is important to evaluate the specific needs of your kitchen, considering factors such as the type of kitchen, energy efficiency, temperature control and ease of cleaning.

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