Steel tailoring: Lotus new laser cutting machine Lotus cookers

Steel tailoring: Lotus new laser cutting machine

Lotus spa positions itself in the market for the production and sale of professional kitchens with a specialization in the use of various stainless-steel alloys worked in a precise and studied way. This particular talent of using this metal alloy has made us a sort of "Steel Tailors".

Just as a good craftsman keeps his attention on finding new tools to improve his work, Lotus spa proves to be attentive by acquiring new machineries and technologies generating a qualitative leap in terms of operations and final product.

The latest innovation regarding the Lotus machinery is the Ensis AJ steel laser cutting machine.

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Main features of the Ensis AJ laser cutting machine


Ensis AJ uses a variable laser beam control technology combined with high power fiber lasers.

Thanks to the 3kW power fibre generators, the production capacities of the laser cutting machine are strongly increased.

Furthermore, the auto collimation system allows unrivalled laser beam spot control. Thanks to very high-speed piercing, the fast-cutting capacities and the processing speed are considerably improved even in relation to higher thicknesses of the materials.

The choice of the Ensis AJ it’s not only about the power and speed processes, but also the great precision achieved thanks to the use of a single lens that reduces machine setups and avoids potential errors, increasing productivity.

The original technology for the variable beam control has been developed and used since 2014 and increased in terms of efficiency over the years. It guarantees a highly stable cut for both thin and thick materials and is able to automatically adapt the laser beam mode according to the type and thickness of the material being processed.


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Results achieved thanks to the Laser Cutting Machine


The decision to invest an important budget within our production area despite the particular period that the economy is experiencing, comes from the achievement of particular results on which the CEO of Lotus spa, Alan Dal Pos, together with his strategic staff has focused on with a long-term outlook.


Processing flexibility


With the new laser, Lotus gains a lot in terms of processing flexibility, succeeding to manage the processes more tailored to the customer's needs in case of ad hoc projects.


Autonomy from the external supply chain


The new laser cutting machine allows our company to become independent from the external supply chain, speeding up the production processes thanks to the insourcing and independent management of the phases of the semi-finished products.



Greater speed and quality of the production process


The key aspect is that the processing speed guaranteed by the steel laser cutting machine does not affect the quality on the contrary, it raises the level of the final result thanks to the workforce of collaborators of the Lotus family who have been trained for years in the steel processing for the creation of high-quality professional kitchens.


Cost optimization


Another fundamental aspect that the steel laser cutting machine allows us to achieve is the better stability of production costs regarding the storage of semi-finished products.

Thanks to laser cutting, in fact, Lotus is able to optimize the storage of semi-finished products as not being liable to minimum quantities of suppliers.


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