Restaurant kitchen equipment: what must not be missing Lotus cookers

Restaurant kitchen equipment: what must not be missing

Whether it's a gourmet kitchen, a trattoria or a steak house, when you decide to start or renew a restaurant business, the first steps are to carefully design the spaces and purchase the equipment for your restaurant kitchen in the more appropriate way.

The kitchen is the beating heart of every place, the place where the magic happens, where creations are brought to life, where customers are conquered and someone's dreams come true. For this reason it must be carefully organized and equipped with professional tools to make it functional, efficient and safe.

With a well-equipped kitchen, in fact, you can simplify the work of the staff and enhance their professionalism. Among the ingredients of a successful restaurant, however, there is not only the skill of the brigade, but also the speed of the service. And how to offer delicious and at the same time fast cuisine? With the right equipment and specific tools for each type of restaurant. 

What is needed in an industrial kitchen for restaurants

To prepare, cook and store food, you need a long list of indispensable objects that can be divided into at least two categories: equipment and utensils.

Either way, the baseline in any restaurant establishment is the one dedicated to cooking food. Therefore, a hob and kitchen machines such as pasta cookers, grills, fryers, fry tops, bain marie, braising pans and ovens cannot be missing.

In most restaurants, one of the essential appliances is certainly the pasta cooker. The new generation professional gas-fired pasta cookers such as those in the Lotus industrial kitchens have automatic water loading, a level sensor and a tank with a bottom grid and high-performance armoured resistance. Important precautions that allow you to quickly reach the boiling point and keep it for a long time.

To the equipment for cooking food must be added all those relating to their preparation (pots, slicers, thermometers, potato peelers, forks, knives, bowls, mincers, graters, blenders, blast chillers, ladles and spoodles, whisks and so on), conservation (refrigerators, containers, vacuum packer, etc…) and washing the used dishes (dishwashers and glasswashers).

Equipment for professional kitchens: who to contact


Having high-performance machines has a significant impact on many aspects of your business: the speed and quality of your service, the variety of preparations that can be offered, the management and organization of the entire kitchen. In short, it can really make the difference. If you are looking for a professional catering kitchen manufacturer, keep in mind to select a supplier who:

  • have solid experience in the sector: designing and building this type of machine requires a certain "know-how" and qualified workers
  • is able to guarantee short delivery times
  • provides efficient after-sales assistance as to give immediate support or resolve any type of problem when needed

Are you looking for an experienced and reliable supplier for your restaurant's kitchen equipment? Write to or fill out the contact form. We will be happy to find the most suitable solution for your business.