Prompt delivery guaranteed: make your order and receive it immediately Lotus cookers

Prompt delivery guaranteed: make your order and receive it immediately

One of the strengths, and reason of pride of our company, is the guarantee of fast deliveries thanks to products in stock ready for shipment at any time of the year, especially in summer, the busiest period for catering.

How do we manage to do this? With excellent management of warehouse logistics and wide availability of our equipment, always ready for delivery, as to offer you maximum punctuality and ensure you a quality service which is continuous even during the summer months.

Lotus' warehouse, our flagship, is organized to host an orderly and continuous flow of goods, stored in a large space according to a modern layout logic, ready to deal with last-minute requests. When this is not possible, we manage the delivery service in order to meet every need very quickly.

An efficiency and reliability that arise from consolidated experience in the sector and from a profound knowledge of what the customer really needs, of the emergencies that can arise for those who work in the catering or hotel hospitality sector but also in kiosks on the beach, in food-trucks, on cruise ships or elsewhere.

This is why for almost 40 years your critical situation has never been a problem for us. Does a machine break down in the middle of the working season and need to be replaced immediately? We will resolve the emergency for you in real time. Have you forgotten to order some equipment and need it urgently? We can provide it quickly. Has there been an unexpected increase in work and you need to equip the kitchen with new machinery as soon as possible and think about new high-performance and sustainable solutions? We’ll be there in a moment! 

No problematic hitches, no operational stops that can be harmful for you, from the point of view of revenue but also of the image of your place, no anxiety crisis. Our commitment is to be always at your side to provide you anytime with a service that effectively supports your professionalism and guarantees you an easy management of your work.    

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