Professional monobloc kitchens: advantages and features Lotus cookers

Professional monobloc kitchens: advantages and features

It's a fact. Today more and more chefs are choosing professional monobloc kitchens. Because they are compact, high-performance, ergonomic, and easy to clean and maintain efficient. But, above all, because they are designed and built to suit professionals, taking into account every specific need for space, work organization, type of catering and aesthetic taste. As if it was a tailored made suit made just for the chef. Let's see together, in detail, the advantages and potential that make the difference.

Professional monobloc kitchens: what they are, how they are made, how much they cost


Before examining in depth which are the main advantages and potentials of this type of kitchen, it is good to know what exactly is meant by monobloc professional kitchen and how it is developed in the cooking area to guarantee maximum efficiency and functionality.

As the name suggests, the monobloc is a kitchen made up of a single and compact block, without any signs of joints and fully equipped, which concentrates all the most important functions in a single solution: hob, sink, shelves, cupboards, neutral and refrigerated compartments and everything that the professionals may need to carry out their daily activities in the best possible way. The kitchen top, which is a unique piece, is the starting point of the project. Once the size has been confirmed we move on to planning deciding which functions to incorporate: electrical, gas, induction elements, sectors and compartments, the so-called free blocks. An interweaving of empty and full sectors, taps and knobs, burners and cooking-tops, induction and steam, doors and drawers, hot and refrigerated, but also of technology and safety, needs and expectations.

The configurations of professional monobloc kitchens are always different because they are customized according to the needs and desires of the client and therefore have a different development in terms of type of equipment, accessories, materials and design.

The market today offers a wide choice of steel monobloc kitchens but, as always, it is better to address to professionals of the sector who offer technologically advanced solutions - such as Lotus Freeblock 5.0 the new high-performance steel monobloc with 3 mm thickness, that gives freedom of planning for any configuration project - which represent the ideal meeting point between efficiency and customization, rationality and creativity, ergonomics and design, in perfect harmony with the expectations of the most demanding chefs.

Speaking of monobloc kitchens, prices are on average higher than traditional kitchens. The more are the customization, the attention to detail in the design phase, the search for better performing equipment and the solutions in the execution phase, the higher are the cost of the kitchen itself which  by the way will be fully amortized by the quality of the results.

Professional monoblock kitchens: 5 good reasons to choose them


In the logic of designing a practical and efficient restaurant kitchen, there are a lot of reasons for choosing monobloc steel kitchens for your cooking area. We will disclose 5 of them, although by using the monobloc you many more can be discovered.

1. Maximum customization and versatility

Each monobloc professional kitchen is a unique and completely customizable project, arising from a constant communication with the client as to find the solution that best meets his needs in terms of efficiency, reliability, safety and aesthetics. The more the monobloc is evolved and created by companies that well know the priorities of kitchen professionals, the greater are the possibility of customizing and guaranteeing versatility to the project. So, what can be modify are the layout composition, the choice of the equipment, but also the small details that play an important role both in terms of functionality and aesthetics such as, for example, LED lighting in the compartments, slowed down drawers and much more.

2. High efficiency in every type of space

The advantage of having everything at hand helps to carry out every activity in the kitchen in a short time and, by reducing the chef's constant movements from one equipment to another, professional monobloc kitchens optimize work flows and times, and consequently improves the service to the customers. The design itself is studied as to promote ergonomics and to allow those who work in the kitchen to carry out their work more easily.

3. Maximum cleaning with minimum effort

The very shape of the monobloc steel kitchens facilitates easy cleaning at the end of the shift. The single top completely free of connections between the elements, the smooth surface, the rounded edges and the handles integrated into the structure allow a much easier cleaning and, at the same time, deeper sanitization. This also helps in terms of saving time as well as effort because with just a few moves the kitchen operator will be able to complete the cleaning operations in time for closing.

4. Make room for aesthetic research

The professional monobloc kitchen offers the opportunity to best express aesthetic taste and style. The customization of every detail allows to create a kitchen space that is not only functional at the highest levels but also beautiful to be seen and enjoyed for those who work in it every day. And not only that, for customers too. In fact, it is no coincidence that monoblocks are very frequent in places with an open kitchen, where design plays an important role. Aesthetic research thus becomes a factor that enhances the attractiveness of the venue, giving it a touch of personality and exclusivity as well as professionalism and, therefore, reliability.

5. Simple installation 

Being a single block, installation times are reduced because, despite being made up of multiple machines, it is installed as if it were a single piece of equipment. With a few simple steps it can also be assembled on site.


Professional monobloc kitchens and modular kitchens: two different things

These are two types of kitchens that should never be confused because they respond to different design and construction logics: modularity and customization.

When we talk about a modular kitchen, we mean a kitchen space made up of standard units that can be composed differently depending on the specific needs of the client. In this case only the combination, and not the creation, is at the customer's choice.

When we talk about a professional monobloc kitchen, however, we are referring to a project entirely tailor-made and customizable in every part, from construction to finishing, from the choice of materials to the choice of equipment, down to every single detail. And it is always the client who decides everything, being effectively the sole point of contact for the project.

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