Professional kitchen equipment in 3D: the Lotus Project Lotus cookers

3D professional kitchen equipment: the pioneering Lotus project

Promoting products through three-dimensional technology is the new Lotus initiative. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, even when it comes to industrial kitchens for restaurants. Here are all the details of the project.

The first 3D renderings of the Lotus restaurant kitchens make their debut on the website. Starting from this month, it will be possible to touch the various models of professional kitchens and equipment through three-dimensional images, which will progressively enrich the graphic and technical materials already available online. The initiative will start with the Super Lotus 70 line and will gradually affect all the main lines of the Lotus range.

Three-dimensional modelling meets industrial kitchen

Photorealistic rendering is a technology increasingly used by companies in every sector, for its ability to make communication attractive and clear and offer a greater emotional impact. However, its application in the field of industrial kitchen equipment is an absolute novelty and is due to Lotus with the launch of this new project.

With this type of graphic production, it is possible to display every single piece of modular kitchen equipment with exceptional realism meeting the needs of buyers and the sales network. In fact, the initiative stems from the desire to make available, to current and potential customers, a tool for viewing and evaluating the complete product, which immediately provides all the information necessary for its purchase. A vital image of professional gas kitchens and of the entire range of Lotus kitchen equipment, to make everybody appreciate the technical characteristics and the aesthetic peculiarities.


It is a solution that offers many advantages to customers, especially for those who cannot have a direct experience of the kitchens and touch them with their hands in a showroom or a shop. Furthermore, as with most products today, the process of buying an industrial kitchen often starts with an online search and with the gathering of as much information as possible before deciding. Providing detailed information at this stage is therefore essential.

3D restaurant kitchens to make catalogues and sales more effective


3D renderings also concretely support the sales network, precisely because they integrate with information and three-dimensional details the materials that are already available to Lotus agents such as catalogues, technical data sheets, installation drawings and images.


"While until now when a customer was asking how the machine was built it was just possible to show a photo of the catalogue or consult the technical data sheet, with the 3D models it will be possible to appreciate the structure, how it is designed below, what are the spaces behind the model of professional gas kitchen or professional fryer that they have identified " explained Alan Dal Pos, CEO of Lotus SpA.


With the 3D visualization the customer can see the equipment in all angles and where key elements are physically positioned. For example, it is possible to immediately check where the gas socket or the electrical socket and the grounding system are located, where the crosspieces and the knobs are positioned, you can appreciate how the feet are designed, where the cables spaces are, as well as appreciate the peculiar features of our equipment for professional kitchens such as the space between the plates, a space for collecting water and food being cooked that is much more functional and safe than the printed plates placed on a surface.


"With technical drawings and traditional images, the customer is able to get an idea of ​​the equipment, but is not able to have a precise vision of the product, for example of how it is designed underneath or of which solutions he can benefit from in case of leaning against the wall. It is necessary to explain him the various aspects and provide him with a whole range of information, which with the 3D view are instead immediately available. And this is an incredible advantage for the customer and a concrete way of showing him attention; and this also proves to those who choose us as a partner that we are attentive to every aspect of the relationship with him " concluded Lotus CEO Alan Dal Pos.


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