Professional fryer for frites: purchasing guide Lotus cookers

Professional fryer for frites: purchasing guide

What is the secret for bringing golden, crispy, perfectly cooked frites to the table, at the bar or in a restaurant? How can we prepare perfectly fried foods in a short time that satisfy customers while keeping low consumption in the kitchen? Obviously, the quality of the raw material is a key factor but equally fundamental is being able to count on the high technology of the professional fryer for frites. Discover with us what are the characteristics of a good fryer for frites and make the right choice!

How to choose the right professional fryer for frites for you

Focusing on fried foods in catering can prove to be a winning bet because it represents an evergreen gastronomic proposal that make everyone agree, ensuring a high profit margin. However, at the same time, it can become an own goal if you do not carefully choose the professional fryer for frites and other fried foods that is capable of guaranteeing quality results while keeping consumption under control.

The market is full of professional fryers. There are all sizes and types for every need, from the small and compact professional fryer for quick catering to the large one for big loads or for particular cooking needs. There are then the automatic ones, the manual ones, the touch screen ones, with one tank, with two tanks, etc.

What is the best professional fryer for frites for your business? It depends on various factors such as, for example, the type of place where it will be used, the space where it will be placed and the frequency of use. In this regard, read the useful advice of an expert on this subject:

In any case, in order to understand which are the characteristics of a good fryer for frites and the right cost of a professional fryer, it is better to explain some key factors.

Is it better a professional gas oil fryer or an electric one?

Frites can be cooked to perfection with both an electric and gas fryer.

The choice of a fryer over another one depends primarily on the type of power available in your restaurant. That said, the electric fryer has certainly better performances thanks to its ability to bring the oil to a high temperature in a much shorter time than the gas one and in a more homogeneous way. However, if we talk about consumption, the gas one is lower, so a lot depends on our budget.

Among electric and gas fryers, a distinction must be made between those with mechanical control and fryers with touch control, which allow you to monitor the working temperatures with precision to the °C and to automatically filter the oil during hot processing (180°C) without any waste of time. This is a perfect solution to guarantee lower production of used oils, better quality, greater energy efficiency, savings on raw material and maintenance costs. It is ideal for those looking for a high-performance oil fryer with accurate consumption control, while respecting the environment.

If you choose a professional gas oil fryer, it is usually better to opt for the model with the burners inside the tank rather than the clear tank, i.e. with the burners outside the tank. However, if we talk about the specific case of a professional fryer for frites, even the clear tank works very well - as in the case of our new range of gas Touchfry fryers with an oil heating system outside the tank - because both frozen and fresh potatoes don't leave much residue. This is actually the issue, the residue left in the tank by the products to be fried. In the case of flour covered products, such as fried fish, the residual flour tends to stick to the side walls of the tank therefore creating insulation which reduces cooking performance. This is why if you fry a lot of flour-covered food it is better to opt for the model with internal burners which, by heating the tank from the centre, guarantees greater power and therefore higher performance.

Ease of cleaning is a primary factor when choosing a fryer for frites

The matter of cleaning, both for a small and compact professional fryer for fast catering or a large one for various uses, it is an important issue as to maintain high performance and low consumption. This is why, when purchasing, you should always prefer manufacturing companies with experience in the sector and who offer high-performance solutions and innovations that make the difference in the wide world of offers on the market.

This is the case of the kit for cleaning professional fryers with flame tubes in the tank proposed by Lotus which facilitates the complicated cleaning between the tubes with appropriate equipment. A solution that allows you to optimize the use of the tank and the performance of the fryer.

You can read about perfect cleaning of the fryer:

From the experience gained over the years by Lotus in the frying sector, in addition to the new range of clean tank gas Touchfry fryers with electronic management of the processes, there is also EXTERNBURNERFRYERS, the new generation professional oil fryer line designed with a completely free tank, as the name itself indicates, and automatic basket lift, designed to improve practicality, reduce energy consumption and simplify the cleaning process of the equipment. An excellent solution for those who want to purchase a practical, high-performance professional fryer for frites that keeps an eye on consumption.

Pay attention to the difference between savoury and sweet: fried foods are not all the same!

The choice of professional fryer should be made based on the type of frying.

If you mainly fry frites and savoury food, you should necessarily purchase a professional fryer specifically for gastronomy.

In fact, pastry fryers have different characteristics, in detail, a larger tank than the gastronomy fryers because products such as donuts, Mardi Gras fritters and other sweets must never overlap during the frying process and require lower power since frying by floating need less oil.

The professional oil fryer for gastronomy, on the contrary, is generally more compact, and has a narrower tank because salty products, such as frites, can overlap when frying. It is also deeper because in order for the food to be well fried it must be completely immersed. Furthermore, it is often equipped with baskets to facilitate immersion and extraction of the product from the hot oil in complete safety.

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