Professional electric grill: which one to choose Lotus cookers

Professional electric grill: which one to choose?

The electric grill reigns supreme in the kitchen of many restaurants. Both because it is a practical and healthy cooking system and because it can guarantee truly excellent quality results. However, you need to know how to choose the right professional grill for your place from the wide range of models on the market. So, which are the characteristics of the best restaurant grills?

Professional grill for restaurant for 5 stars cooking

Grilling meat, fish or vegetables is a very delicate operation, which requires great attention from those who cook and those who design and build this kind of equipment, as to maintain that perfect balance between temperature and distance of the food from the heat source, also considering the thickness and type of food to be cooked.

That is why, using top quality professional equipment, in terms of materials, functionality and safety, both in small and big restaurants, can really make the difference and make life in the kitchen easier and customers happier.

Professional grills, in addition to being one of the pieces of equipment that cannot be missing in the kitchen, are excellent alternatives to traditional barbecue grilling - more practical, less expensive and just as performing, or even more, - and even if yours is an old-fashioned one you will definitely appreciate all its advantages.

How many types of restaurant grills are there?

The most commons are the electric grid and the gas grill, in their various types and models, based on the specific needs of the restaurant, as for example:

electric grid: they are divided into two types, the classic one with electrical resistance and separate adjustable grill and the contact one with the electrical resistance that acts as a grill and a water tank underneath to give humidity to the product being cooked as for it not to get dry. Which of the two professional electric grills to choose? The first has a bigger useful surface, but being the grill separated from the electric resistance, it needs more power than the second one, which instead, by cooking directly on the electric resistance, allows greater energy savings.

professional gas lava stone grid, with very similar results of traditional embers grilling. Among its many advantages there is the great uniformity of heat and the fact that it is totally odour-free, but at the same time it requires great familiarity in use and rigorous and not easy cleaning of the cooking top.

Professional grills for restaurant with water system, as the electric grills of 70 Superlotus line. The perfect solution because assuring great advantages in terms of performance and hygiene. In fact, this element is equipped with a water container where all the cooking oils and fats are conveyed. This gives it a triple advantage: minimum fumes due to the contact of fat with the cooking surface, production of steam for more delicate, softer and less dry cooking on the outside; less residue on the cooking top and therefore easier to keep it clean and efficient.

Choosing the best professional electric grill: 6 essentials pluses

Given that in order to understand which model is best for your establishment, you must first evaluate what your specific needs are, the best professional grill for restaurants must have essential characteristics to allow you to serve quality on the table. Here are some that will help you make the right choice:

1.Robustness of materials. Choose excellent materials such as 304 stainless steel, highly resistant to the acid corrosion of the organic component of food and to the chemical one of detergents. Zero stains or streaks and great ease of cleaning.

2.Security. Make sure there are devices such as knobs with IPX5 protection degree which guarantee your professional electric grill a high level of protection against water (TOTAL IPX4) thus avoiding harmful effects that can compromise efficiency.

3.High reliability. Purchase your electric grill exclusively from manufacturing companies with long experience in the sector who can guarantee solid technical expertise and technical details designed over time to offer increasingly advanced cooking performance.

4.Details that improve life. Pay attention to the presence of the big little tricks, such as the water tank and the special reflective system supplied with all Lotus grills, which optimizes the heat flow and perfectly maintains the softness and juiciness of the food.

5.Easy maintenance. Choose models with practical disassembly systems that make cleaning easier, faster, to the full advantage of the maximum efficiency of the professional grill which will always be in perfect condition!

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