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The steam ovens cook in a healthy way, why do not alter the nutritional and vitamin content of foods, enhancing the flavor, color, freshness and consistency.

Those for confectionery and bakery, with system auto-reverse "of the fan motor, are noted for the high-tech approach to cooking of any product innovation, from the most classic and traditional to the most sought proposals, ensuring an even distribution of heat and uniformity of cooking.

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Spare parts



  • _FT-120C
    Mod. _FT-120C cod: _FT-120C

    Fat filter (for oven 120)

  • _DL
    Mod. _DL cod: _DL

    Hand shower

    Size: cm. 21x 30x 5h

    Weight: 2kg

    Fullness: 0,027m³

  • _CR20T-120TC
    Mod. _CR20T-120TC cod: _CR20T-120TC

    mobile oven rack capacity: 20xGN1/1

    Size: cm. 71x 83x 174h

    Weight: 65kg

    Fullness: 1,301m³

  • _CR52P-120TC
    Mod. _CR52P-120TC cod: _CR52P-120TC

    Plate rack trolley n°52 Ø32cm

    Size: cm. 71x 83x 174h

    Weight: 60kg

    Fullness: 1,301m³

  • _MT-120TC
    Mod. _MT-120TC cod: _MT-120TC

    heat retaining hood

  • _PC-120C
    Mod. _PC-120C cod: _PC-120C

    Right hinged door (for oven 120-220)