Designed as universal machines to solve all the needs of washing, you can put anywhere thanks to the small external dimensions and offer a load capacity is remarkable. Ideal for engine blocks with single or double sinks.

Body in stainless steel AISI 304, Scotch-Brite. Wash and rinse arms split, in stainless steel AISI 304. Fully automatic. Micro switch to stop operation in case of opening. Boiler door in AISI 304 stainless steel built-in insulated heating by heaters in overload protection. Rinse Aid Dispenser. Valve anti pollution of the water system (EN 61770). Construction in full compliance with CE.

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  • _62203080
    Mod. TRR070 10 cod: _62203080

    Roller Out table

    Size: cm. 100x 70x 85h

    Fullness: 0,827m³

  • _62203100
    Mod. TRR070 15 cod: _62203100

    Roller Out table

    Size: cm. 150x 70x 85h

    Fullness: 1,221m³

  • _62203120
    Mod. TRR070 20 cod: _62203120

    Roller Out table

    Size: cm. 200x 70x 85h

    Fullness: 1,614m³

  • _63300131
    Mod. TRCVCU 10 cod: _63300131

    Roller corner table

    Size: cm. 130x 70x 85h

    Fullness: 2,058m³

  • _06155040
    Mod. _06155040 cod: _06155040

    Micro end switch for roller tabling