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A good catering requires excellent management of the cold chain. Lotus is also thought to this, offering a complete range of specialized equipment in the maintenance and proper storage of foods and dishes, so as to ensure its organoleptic properties unaltered in compliance with HACCP rules. The showcase "chilled" Lotus provides ventilated cabinets, combined, for pastry and ice cream, tables and cupboards motorized self-blast, CFC-free and ice-makers, a number of elements enriched with a wide range of accessories, including frames Support, drawers, racks, shelves, wheels, spice containers, hangers and hooks, etc..

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  • _CASS1/2LIN
    Mod. _CASS1/2LIN cod: _CASS1/2LIN Datasheet

    overprice for of 2 x 1/2 drawers (only TN)

    Size: cm.23hi

  • _74768458-60
    Mod. _74768458-60 cod: _74768458-60 Datasheet

    Couple guides stainless steel "C"- GN1/1

  • _74768000
    Mod. _74768000 cod: _74768000 Datasheet

    Plastic grid - GN 1/1

    Size: cm. 32,5x 53

  • _74768002
    Mod. _74768002 cod: _74768002 Datasheet

    Inox grid - GN 1/1

    Size: cm. 32,5x 53

  • _KIT 4 RUOTE
    Mod. _KIT 4 RUOTE cod: _KIT 4 RUOTE Datasheet

    KIT 4 castors for LINEAR702/703

  • _KIT 6 RUOTE
    Mod. _KIT 6 RUOTE cod: _KIT 6 RUOTE Datasheet

    KIT 6 castors for LINEAR704


  • _VERS220-60T
    Mod. _VERS220-60T cod: _VERS220-60T Datasheet

    Voltage and frequency 220V~ /60Hz, for refrigerated coutner