All the lightness of the robustness

With the line HighLotus ©, Lotus collects all their systems to rush to the restaurant, systems that maximize quality and beauty in every kitchen. © HighLotus is full freedom of composition, allows the firing lines to appear to rush to create the best and most appropriate combinations in versions with central island or wall.

The cantilever, with a foot or two feet, with plain text or with a top shelf for appliances and furniture, are designed to ensure reliable and ergonomic solutions. HighLotus © makes it easy, quick and easy cleaning of the environment, without barriers or obstacles and facilitates maintenance. © HighLotus is highest aesthetic enables engineers and designers to express themselves by combining performance and style, boundless creativity, combining aesthetics and functionality.

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  • 01699002
    Mod. SB99-F cod: 01699002 Datasheet

    Head 2 sides S90

    Weight: 23,7kg

    Fullness: 0,04m³

  • 01699012
    Mod. SB99-FP cod: 01699012 Datasheet

    Head 2 sides S90 with shelf

    Size: cm. 20

    Weight: 33,3kg

    Fullness: 0,662m³

  • 01799002
    Mod. SB99T-F cod: 01799002 Datasheet

    Head 2 sides S90TOP

    Weight: 9,3kg

    Fullness: 0,02m³

  • 01799012
    Mod. SB99T-FP cod: 01799012 Datasheet

    Head 2 sides S90TOP with shelf

    Size: cm. 20

    Weight: 18,9kg

    Fullness: 0,368m³