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© FreeLotus is the innovative line of built-in elements, derived from the wide range of models of the SuperLotus70. Designed and built to the most demanding needs, especially in terms of design and customization of the kitchen, FreeLotus © is perfectly suited to the demands of the catering sector and local authorities, both in private homes in search of luxury adequate professional kitchen.

So, neutral with respect to any style, so clean and simple, so complete in the range of models, so free because of its location and ease of insertion, the line FreeLotus © enhances every project. © FreeLotus: the significant proposals for architects and designers who want to make the kitchens of prestigious high reliability capable of great satisfaction to the clients.

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  • 531070200
    Mod. 531070200 cod: 531070200 Datasheet

    Basket 1/1 for CPD-64 - 2/3 for CPD-84

    Size: cm. 28x 32x 21,5h

    Weight: 2kg

    Fullness: 0,056m³

  • 531032400
    Mod. 531032400 cod: 531032400 Datasheet

    Basket 1/2 for CPD-64

    Size: cm. 14x 32x 20h

    Weight: 1,5kg

    Fullness: 0,048m³

  • 531047900
    Mod. 531047900 cod: 531047900 Datasheet

    Basket 1/2 for CPD-64 - 1/3 for CPD-84

    Size: cm. 28x 16x 21,5h

    Weight: 1,5kg

    Fullness: 0,035m³

  • 531048000
    Mod. 531048000 cod: 531048000 Datasheet

    Basket 1/4 for CPD-64 - 1/6 for CPD-84

    Size: cm. 13,5x 16x 21,5h

    Weight: 1kg

    Fullness: 0,013m³

  • 531032600
    Mod. 531032600 cod: 531032600 Datasheet

    Basket 1/6 for CPD-64

    Size: cm. 14x 10x 20h

    Weight: 0,7kg

    Fullness: 0,017m³

  • 531070300
    Mod. 531070300 cod: 531070300 Datasheet

    Basket 1/1 for CPD-84

    Size: cm. 28x 49x 21,5h

    Weight: 3,5kg

    Fullness: 0,078m³

  • 531070100
    Mod. 531070100 cod: 531070100 Datasheet

    Basket 1/2 for CPD-84

    Size: cm. 28x 24x 21,5h

    Weight: 1kg

    Fullness: 0,045m³

  • 531071100
    Mod. 531071100 cod: 531071100 Datasheet

    Basket with hook 1/2 for CPD-64

    Size: cm. 14,5x 29x 20h

    Weight: 1,5kg

    Fullness: 0,047m³

  • 531069300
    Mod. 531069300 cod: 531069300 Datasheet

    support for baskets with hook for CPD-64

    Size: cm. 30x 33x 41h

    Weight: 3,5kg

    Fullness: 0,061m³