Superlotus70 + top70: the most complete small

SUPERLOTUS70 TOP70 +, the most complete professional "small", the largest for robustness, reliability, security and modularity (40/80/120), now also TOP: practical and innovative solutions for cantilever bridge and mixed!

The line of electric and gas cooking elements, with depth 70 cm, made of finely brushed 18/10 stainless steel: a confirmation in large attractive and versatile style of Lotus!

The line is ideal for all catering professionals who are looking for a faithful partner and safe for those who require the maximum functionality of performance in the kitchens of particular sizes or special, with the pleasure of aesthetics.

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Construction - Fabricated using CrNi 18/10 AISI 304 grade Stainless Steel Scotch-Brite Satin polish Finish, incorporating 2 mm thick worktop, rounded edges, chromed details and rear splash back. Knobs with waterproof grades IPX5. Model - Professional Gas Bain-Marie on Open Unit. Moulded Gastronome 150mm deep tank. Piezoelectric ignition, pilot light, thermostatic control and thermocouple safety valves. Maintenance - All serviceable parts are accessible by the easy removal of front control panel. Fittings - Appliance is supplied with both LPG and Natural Gas conversion jets and adjustable feet, Water fill tap, Overfill safety valve and floor drain. Doors not included.

  • 08220450
    Mod. BM-74G cod: 08220450 Datasheet Istruction booklets

    Gas bain marie on open cabinet - Bowl for GN 1/1 h.15, water loading cock, floor draining

    Size: cm. 40x 70,5x 90h

    Gas power: 3,5 kW - 3.010 kcal/h

    Weight: 49kg

    Fullness: 0,368m³

  • 08220850
    Mod. BM-78G cod: 08220850 Datasheet Istruction booklets

    Gas ain marie on open cabinet. Bowl for GN 2/1 h.15, water loading cock , floor draining

    Size: cm. 80x 70,5x 90h

    Gas power: 6,5 kW - 5.590 kcal/h

    Weight: 68kg

    Fullness: 0,709m³