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The pizza ovens, gas and electricity can easily be incorporated everywhere, thanks to perfectly match the front available in stainless steel or iron with a burnished, rustic effect, have the firing chamber in stainless steel and top in refractory bricks.

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  • _PALE0017
    Mod. _PALE0017 cod: _PALE0017

    Pizza placer, diameter 30 cm, STAINLESS STEEL

  • _PALE0013
    Mod. _PALE0013 cod: _PALE0013

    Oven loading paddle, 33 cm, alloy with bordeaux red handle

  • _PALE0002
    Mod. _PALE0002 cod: _PALE0002

    Baking paddles, diameter 20 cm, STAINLESS STEEL with slider

  • _PALE0010
    Mod. _PALE0010 cod: _PALE0010

    Swiveling brass brush, ideal for cleaning ovens

  • _PALE0023
    Mod. _PALE0023 cod: _PALE0023

    Universal wall support for 3 tools

  • 20029668
    Mod. T-46 cod: 20029668

    Stainless steel tray

    Size: cm. 40x 60x 2h

  • 20029669
    Mod. P-46 cod: 20029669

    Aluminium tray

    Size: cm. 40x 60x 2h