With a wide range of models and accessories, ease of assembly and installation, the quiet operation and ease of cleaning Lotus covers are ideal to fit into any location and make the environment healthier cooking.

Construction in AISI 304 stainless steel with satin finish scotch-brite. All hoods are equipped with stainless steel filters and a labyrinth full of brackets. The outer edge has a drip pan to collect fat.

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Spare parts



  • _PALE0017
    Mod. _PALE0017 cod: _PALE0017

    Pizza placer, diameter 30 cm, STAINLESS STEEL

  • _PALE0013
    Mod. _PALE0013 cod: _PALE0013

    Oven loading paddle, 33 cm, alloy with bordeaux red handle

  • _PALE0002
    Mod. _PALE0002 cod: _PALE0002

    Baking paddles, diameter 20 cm, STAINLESS STEEL with slider

  • _PALE0010
    Mod. _PALE0010 cod: _PALE0010

    Swiveling brass brush, ideal for cleaning ovens

  • _PALE0023
    Mod. _PALE0023 cod: _PALE0023

    Universal wall support for 3 tools

  • 20029668
    Mod. T-46 cod: 20029668

    Stainless steel tray

    Size: cm. 40x 60x 2h

  • 20029669
    Mod. P-46 cod: 20029669

    Aluminium tray

    Size: cm. 40x 60x 2h