Innovation, quality and character, Freeblock © the Lotus cooking monoblock! With this name Lotus offers its innovative monoblock, a "free monoblock" designed and developed to give each customer, on every occasion the possibility to have their own personalized cooking monoblock. On © The Freeblock there is the opportunity to apply all the cooking elements of our drop in series © FREELOTUS, as griddles, fryers from 8 to 18 liters, solid top, 2 or 4 zone induction hob, wok, pasta cookers from 25 to 40 liters, water bath, gas burners or electric hotplates ...etc... The monoblock Freeblock © is made up internal frame, hygienic and not hygienic compartments, control panel, top etc. ... everything is made entirely of stainless steel 18/10 with fine satin finish, with chromed details, the top is brushed to obtain a scratchproof effect. Each monoblock is never same as another, each with its own characteristics and fitting out, Lotus proposes several variants and options, starting from the kitchen top, who can be rounded on all 4 sides with corners rounded off at 45 degrees , or only on the fronts with 2 corner sides, with the possibility of backsplashes obtained directly from the top. In the lower part Lotus freeblock has drawers, hydroformed storage racks, electric static or ventilated or multifunction ovens, lower compartments can be hygienic "h0" or "H1" or "h2" or "H3", open or with doors, or compartments for drain pan of fryers and multifunction fixed braising pan ... And on any project Lotus prepares a easily accesible technical compartment where already prepares for the arrival of electric cables, the water and gas connections of all equipment installed. Lotus also offers options such as electrical outlets SCHUKO on the control panel or pot rack salamander stand or combined solution, water column with rod swivel, dispensing hot and cold water, stainless steel plinth , foot reduced for installation on a cement base, possible painted doors or side panels... The customer and the chef with their own needs can create their own custom monoblock, giving it a unique appearance and character, all knowing that Lotus offers a reliable, secured and guaranteed product.

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Construction - Fabricated using CrNi 18/10 AISI 304 grade Stainless Steel Scotch-Brite Satin polish Finish, incorporating 2 mm thick worktop, chromed details. Model - Professional Electric Solid Top. 20mm thick chrome-molibdeno top for the best in heat conductivity. Four position thermostatic control to 450degC. Fittings - Fixing system.

  • 28120830
    Mod. TPD-88ET cod: 28120830 Datasheet Istruction booklets

    Solid top - Plate cm. 70x68- 4 zones

    Size: cm. 80x 80x 24h

    Electric power: 13,6 kW

    Voltage: 400V~3N

    Frequency: 50/60 Hz

    Weight: 93kg

    Fullness: 0,435m³