Great performance for large numbers!

An investment of solid value. Designed and built to work with the reality that large numbers and to achieve great results, IperLotus 90 is a full range of models and in a version that cabinet in the top version, to allow for complete solutions in line, island, projecting and bridge.


Depth of range in all directions.
Lotus has a total quality as a vocation and puts maximum emphasis on robustness and reliability of the `mechanical engineering. Hyper-Lotus 90 is innovative and beautiful in appearance, is a line all other lines combined with Lotus 70/60/55. All models of high-level constructs-vo, high performance, low power consumption.

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  • 531070300
    Mod. 531070300 cod: 531070300 Datasheet

    Basket 1/1 for CP-94/98 & CPB-98

    Size: cm. 28x 49x 21,5h

    Weight: 3,5kg

    Fullness: 0,078m³

  • 531070200
    Mod. 531070200 cod: 531070200 Datasheet

    Basket 2/3 for CP-94/98 & CPB-98

    Size: cm. 28x 32x 21,5h

    Weight: 2kg

    Fullness: 0,056m³

  • 531070100
    Mod. 531070100 cod: 531070100 Datasheet

    Basket 1/2 for CP-94/98 & CPB-98

    Size: cm. 28x 24x 21,5h

    Weight: 1kg

    Fullness: 0,045m³

  • 531047900
    Mod. 531047900 cod: 531047900 Datasheet

    Basket 1/3 for CP-94/98 & CPB-98

    Size: cm. 28x 16x 21,5h

    Weight: 1,5kg

    Fullness: 0,035m³

  • 531048000
    Mod. 531048000 cod: 531048000 Datasheet

    Basket 1/6 for CP-94/98 & CPB-98

    Size: cm. 13,5x 16x 21,5h

    Weight: 1kg

    Fullness: 0,013m³