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The result of careful technological research and design essentially accurate, MagicProf 65 © is a complete line of gas and electric cooking elements (cookers, fry-tops, grills, bain marie, pasta cookers, bratt pans) with a depth of 65 cm and modularity 40/60.

© MagicProf 65 offers performance and versatility, power and reliability from the 70 series professional kitchen, in small spaces.

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Construction - Fabricated using CrNi 18/10 AISI 304 grade Stainless Steel Scotch-Brite Satin polish Finish, incorporating 2 mm thick worktop, rounded edges, chromed details and rear splash back. Knobs with waterproof grades IPX5. Model - Professional Gas Bratt Pan with 100mm deep fixed single tank with highly efficient conductive stainless steel base, thermostatically controlled up to 300deg C, removable liquid collector. Piezoelectric ignition, pilot light. Thermostatic control and thermocouple safety valves. Maintenance - All serviceable parts are accessible by the easy removal of front control panel. Fittings - Appliance is supplied with both LPG and Natural Gas conversion jets and adjustable feet.

  • 08240453
    Mod. BRF-74G cod: 08240453 Datasheet Istruction booklets

    Gas multi-function fixed braising pan Bowl 30x51x10h

    Size: cm. 40x 70,5x 90h

    Gas power: 6,95 kW - 5.970 kcal/h

    Weight: 79kg

    Fullness: 0,368m³

  • 08240853
    Mod. BRF-78G cod: 08240853 Datasheet Istruction booklets

    Gas multi-function fixed braising pan Bowl 70x51x10h

    Size: cm. 80x 70,5x 90h

    Gas power: 13,9 kW - 11.940 kcal/h

    Weight: 129kg

    Fullness: 0,709m³