New TOUCHFRYLOTUSGAS fryer available from July Lotus cookers

New TOUCHFRYLOTUSGAS fryer available from July

TOUCHFRYLOTUSGAS, our new model of professional zero-emission fryer, for which we have deployed the most cutting-edge technology and our constant commitment to research and development, is finally ready to break into the world of the most advanced catering.

Designed for the 70 SUPERLOTUS and 90 IPERLOTUS lines, this new precious ally of all chefs that will simplify life in the kitchen, will be put into production in September, but can be ordered as early as July, in conjunction with the release of Lotus 2024 catalogue.

Among the most important innovations that we presented at Host 2023, TOUCHFRYLOTUSGAS is the expression of a big step forward in the evolutionary process of the most used equipment in all modern professional kitchens, looking towards digitalisation, sustainability and energy saving.

Equipped with touch controls that simplify its use and digital systems to guarantee perfect monitoring of every parameter, like temperatures, cooking times and different types of food, our new fryer guarantees maximum versatility and greater efficiency which combines, thanks to the new PRE-MIX combustion system, to optimal energy consumption, which is safe and sustainable for both the environment and the wallet.

In tune with an increasingly sensitivity to the issues of waste limitation and eco-sustainability even in the kitchen, our TOUCHFRYLOTUSGAS respects the environment and safeguards the health of the planet by guaranteeing zero carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions and thus avoiding any way of contributing to global climate warming

An innovative high-tech solution which, once again, combines advanced performance, low environmental impact and energy saving as to encourage the optimization and simplification of work in the kitchen, in full compliance with ethical and responsible choices.

Here are the main technical characteristics:

- 7" touchscreen electronic gas fryer with tanks and external burners with high-performance, zero-emission premix system

- Conservation functions at 110 °C or Pre-work at 160 °C with or without Melting system;

- up to 100 programs into memory;

- maximum oil level sensor;

- possibility of having a hot oil filter pump max 180°C;

- tank cleaning and emptying;

- possibility of integrated basket lifters;

- oil collection tray with support on wheels and 5-micron filter;

- temperature control with 1 degree delta;

- digital power control system to reduce the intensity as the set temperature approaches.


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