New Lotus price list updated in may 2022 Lotus cookers

New Lotus price list updated in may 2022

This month Lotus has released its new Price List updated in May 2022. This working tool deserves a dedicated communication because of its importance for the professional communication of Lotus agents in order to convey the versatility and completeness of the Lotus range.


"The new Lotus Price List allows agents and customers to quickly and easily sift through the various solutions proposed by Lotus for the configuration of an efficient professional kitchen. Since the company innovation is constant and continuous it has become necessary to update the price list by inserting important new products together with references to significant improvements of products already in the catalogue. “- Alan Dal Pos | Lotus CEO


The new Lotus price list as of May 2022 contains 581 pages in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish. The structured graphics inside allow to identify with precision the products of the various lines together with their main peculiarities.

The most consistent updates concern the inclusion of new key products to our range and some strategic efficient improvements of existing articles.

The most important references are:


- the new line 2WaysLotus 110, the line of the pass-through kitchen of 110 cm of depth (from page 287 to 303); 

- the introduction in the Lotus 60 - 70 - 90 - 110 lines of the IPX4 water protection rating, which will complement the IPX5 grade of the knobs;

- the presence of the option with CB - TEST approval of the electrical equipment of the Lotus lines 70 and 90.



What do these new introductions mean?


Why are these introductions important for the Lotus range?

The new line "pass-through kitchen" 2WaysLotus has further expanded the response to the needs of our customers of the already wide Lotus range. The goal is to achieve great results in terms of efficiency and cooking quality even in tight spaces. 

2WaysLotus has a cooking top with a depth of 110cm designed to be used on both sides of the kitchen, in order to meet the needs even in small spaces.

It is also provided with specific equipment, usable from both sides, suitable for a professional kitchen: ovens, frytop, a range of compartments, all double-sided use. 

The robustness, reliability and durability of Lotus products are key elements that have always characterized our production. With a view to further elevating the quality level of our machines those that are today our main lines, 60 - 70 - 90 and 110, have been enriched with the IPX4 protection rating for water resistance as a demonstration and guarantee of the attention we give to constant efficiency over time.

As a last aspect, the electrical equipment of the lines 70 and 90 are now available in version with CB TEST approval. This further qualitative analysis of the lines, similar to the extension of the IPX4 rating of protection, allows to demonstrate in an increasingly concrete and tangible way the attention that Lotus spa gives to the quality of its product.


The new Lotus catalogue is available through the authorised channels of its consultants


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