New price list 2024 of Lotus professional kitchen Lotus cookers

New price list 2024 of Lotus professional kitchen

The new Lotus catalogue is ready and will be in force from May 1st

No price increase in the upcoming price list, just new products and solutions with high technological innovation and low energy consumption for the modern professional kitchen, previewed last October @ Host 2023 in Milan.

Among the great news in the pages of our new catalogue, as always available in five languages (Italian, English, French, German and Spanish) and full of images and detailed technical information, you will find:

The new gas-powered TOUCHFRYLOTUSGAS fryer model designed for the 70 SUPERLOTUS and 90 IPERLOTUS lines, equipped with touch controls and digital systems for thorough monitoring of all phases: temperature, timings, type of food, which thus become precise and repeatable. A step forward in guaranteeing greater efficiency and, thanks to the new PRE-MIX technical combustion system, optimal and safe energy consumption.

The innovative fryer line EXTERNBURNERFRYERS designed with a completely free tank where oil flows are generated faster and they operate unhindered by any structure The oil temperature is not subjected to many thermal changes and consequently there is less wear out of the tank thus guaranteeing greater durability and reliability of the fryer, optimizing ease of use, reducing energy consumption and simplifying cleaning operations.

The long-awaited extension of the Touch system to the entire 90 IPERLOTUS line, which becomes 90 IPERLOTUSTOUCH, thanks to complete digitalisation, brings greater efficiency and better use of energy with consequent reduction in consumption. 

Many important innovations in terms of digitalisation and energy saving to be always more in tune with commercial catering needs in terms of high performance, ease of use and optimization of management costs, and greater sensitivity to waste reduction and sustainability in the kitchen.

Contact our sales network or our offices to receive the new 2024 price list and further info.