Marine kitchens: Lotus presents the new marine price list Lotus cookers

Marine kitchens: Lotus presents the new marine price list

All the Lotus kitchens in the marine sector in the updated 2022 catalogue, with the same quality and aesthetics as ever.


The Lotus marine price list is the reference point for choosing the best marine kitchens for the preparation, cooking and storage of food in the professional catering sector.

It is aimed at all players who carry out their activities in the marine sector and is distributed in five languages ​​(Italian, English, French, German and Spanish) as a support to all installers, resellers and distributors of the Italian and foreign commercial network.

In this new 2022 price list there are the traditional 60 Magiclotus Marine, 70 Superlotus Marine and 70 Superlotus Top Marine, 90 Iperlotus Marine and 90 Iperlotus Top Marine lines and the Freelotus Marine line, all designed and manufactured entirely in our country with special attention to the strength of the used materials and to the ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Lotus machines and appliances for kitchens in the marine sector can be installed in various contexts: from small merchant ships to fishing boats, from transport company boats, to passenger ships, to private pleasure boats such as sailboats and yachts, which require built-in kitchens of high aesthetic value, up to large off-shore platforms and all large below-deck catering facilities in the naval sector.


Reliable and functional professional kitchens for catering

The Lotus marine line is equipped with particular technical features and systems suitable for the maritime environment and for safe work in marine kitchens: in fact, these are professional kitchens for catering equipped with a dedicated power supply with 400 V / 3 and 440 voltages V / 3 which is compliant with SOLAS regulations, the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (IMO) and built entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel, a stainless steel particularly resistant to corrosion that the salty environment of the sea works on cooking top, sinks, fryers, pasta cookers and equipment in general.
The anti-roll grills on all the cooking top, the flanged support for fixing to the floor, the possibility of adjusting the height of the structure by means of adjustable fixing brackets, watertight anti-overflow moulded stainless steel worktops to prevent dirt infiltrations, and removable control panels to facilitate cleaning and maintenance are just some of the peculiarities of the Lotus range of kitchens for the naval sector.
Choose the kitchens for the Lotus marine sector

Lotus has been producing professional stainless-steel kitchens for the land and sea catering sector for over 35 years and exports them all over the world. Such experience allows the company to meet the high level technical and quality requirements of these sectors and to respond to customer needs with targeted solutions.


The evolution of Lotus products is the result, in fact, both of the technical capabilities of the devices verified in the testing phase and of the certifications relating to manufacturing standards, as well as the constant commercial research of customer needs.


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