Lotus professional kitchens at the exhibitions in Singapore, Dubai and Havana Lotus cookers

Lotus professional kitchens at the exhibitions in Singapore, Dubai and Havana

Here is the report of the most anticipated autumn trade fairs by manufacturers of professional kitchens for catering in 2022

We attended to three international events of our sector in the last month and a half, which we already mentioned in our previous article and here are the impressions we collected during those days at the fair in Singapore, Dubai and Havana.

Energy, desire to do things and a fresh air of restart

Actually, the first one is more of a sensation, but at the top of the list of good things we brought home is the joy of being back in these places after a long absence caused by the closure of global markets during the pandemic, and then there’s also the joy of having the chance to see our distributors in person, shake their hand again and rediscover that empathy that only physical proximity can enhance and make prosper.

For all the three countries these were the first events organized after the pandemic entirely dedicated to the sector of professional kitchens for restaurants, so the common thread of these editions was certainly the desire to restart and to leave behind the strain of a period full of economic but also human difficulties. In other words, the desire to pick up the thread of the speech where it was left off and look again to the future with confidence. Singapore was even the first internationally relevant trade fair organized in Southeast Asia after the health emergency, a region that is reopening only now, and as in Havana we felt a great desire to get back the business the way they were.

The opening of Cuba and the effervescence of Dubai: new opportunities for Lotus professional kitchens

Cuba in particular is a very interesting country today experiencing an important transition phase. If on one hand the profound economic crisis that the island is facing may represent a critical element, on the other hand it offers new opportunities to private and foreign entrepreneurs thanks to the recent opening to private capital. An historic and disruptive change of course that can represent a vector of prosperity and growth for the entire nation. All the local operators we met at the fair know this well, animated by a great desire to create new opportunities and at the same time to overcome the difficulties that have bent the country in these last years, from the Pandemic to Hurricane Ian last year, in September the fire of the Matanzas refinery, the most important on the island, which supplies electricity to the entire west of the island, including Havana. Although for partly different reasons, here, as in Singapore, we have experienced a climate of great effervescence and hope.

In Dubai it was Gulf Host's second time since the pandemic, but the first with the borders completely open. The Gulf Host fair was the litmus test, the final proof of a very lively market, which, with its receptivity and its luxury nautical market, offers us many opportunities as manufacturers of professional kitchens for restaurants, naval kitchens and yacht kitchens. Great enthusiasm, many visitors and a lot of appointments at the fair as the operators we met: as well as in Singapore, we were happy to see that all the distributors we had invited to our stand came to see our proposal. Participating at the Dubai fair certainly meant weaving new interesting relationships that are also fundamental in view of a phase of contraction in the European market that will presumably continue until mid-2023.

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