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Lotus focus on the Green Economy

The last few years have been characterized by continuous events with crises in the humanitarian field and both energy and economic crisis, as well as continuous market changes. Nevertheless, the commitment of Lotus spa has always been to plan production strategies as to ensure, together with the collaborators of the Lotus family, both consistency in working and a good production.


Making forward-looking decisions is not easy in this period of constant change, however attention to social and environmental issues are helping Lotus to point in the right direction. Investments in new technologies carried out in the production process by means of new machinery, in addition to the development of new products, are guaranteeing the company a good continuity of work which is really important in a period in which there is short supply of raw materials.


One of the issues that has always been taken to heart by Lotus concerns Eco-sustainability and the Green Economy.





A demonstration of commitment



All possible measures have been taken within the company for optimal management in the field of waste disposal and energy efficiency.


In the last few days, as to demonstrate the attention to the environmental energy issue, above the roof of the Lotus production site a new photovoltaic park operates with a 100-kW power plant.


In a period of economic and market uncertainty, Lotus has chosen to invest in energy innovation, in contrast to more conservative policies that may be evaluated by companies in less stable economic phases.


Attention to the issue of sustainability must be proven not only with the commitments made, but also with real facts.

The 100-kW photovoltaic park installed on the roof of our warehouse is the proof of our commitment. | Alan Dal Pos - CEO of Lotus


Times have rewarded the direction taken, due to the fact that the recent European crisis is generating an exponential increase in energy costs. The choice of installing a 100-kW photovoltaic park proved it to be an excellent investment as, thanks to it, Lotus has become de facto self-sufficient from an energy point of view.




Benefits of energy autonomy


The awareness of continuing its production process thanks to clean energy is certainly a source of great satisfaction for the company.


This commitment transmits the corporate identity of Lotus towards its customers and agents, demonstrating attention to the topics of technological innovation and the desire to be a clean, reliable and transparent structure.


In addition to these important ethical and image points, the decision to install a photovoltaic park making the company self-sufficient is also producing concrete results in terms of productivity.


In fact, the production power of Lotus is not suffering the impact of the energy cost increase.


Thanks to the 100-kW system, the company has been able to keep its production processes unchanged by continuing to make all heavy machinery work such as the new laser cutting machine, the three robots for professional welding and the six bending machines. In addition to heavy machinery, also the test room for our products and all the office equipment are also powered by the Lotus photovoltaic park.


The interest in the Green Economy has led the company towards total energy self-sustainability, allowing it to face the recent increase in energy and raw materials prices with greater serenity. A path that we hope for all Made in Italy companies, certain of its validity.


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