Lotus catering equipment sales: training for Kogi and Mainho Lotus cookers

Lotus catering equipment sales: commercial training and company visit for Kogi Försäljnings and Mainho Slu.

Our partners Kogi Försäljnings and Mainho Slu came to visit us from Sweden and Spain for an update on the sales network. Here is the story of these training days with Lotus catering equipment and the most convivial moments.


Between joy, emotion and a hint of impatience, in the past few weeks we have finally welcomed again our official dealers Kogi Försäljnings and Mainho Slu after so many years. A valuable opportunity for an update to their sales network on our catering equipment, to see again some salespeople we have been working with for some time now and to meet new ones and spend some time together outside of the business environment.

The visit of Kogi Försäljnings among industrial kitchens, old friends and Caglieron caves

On the days of 6 and 7 September we spent our days with our agents Kogi Försäljnings, our official dealer in Sweden for over fifteen years, who came to visit us with his renewed commercial network. We spoke about the peculiarities of our industrial kitchens for restaurants inside the showroom, we made them see how we carry out the quality control tests in our internal laboratory and, during the tour in the production department, how a Lotus kitchen is created. Visiting the place where the industrial kitchen that you offer and sell every day comes to life and takes shape, is always an exciting and unforgettable moment for a salesman. Here the Kogi Försäljnings agents were able to see the welding machine in action, visit the cutting department with robots and the new steel laser cutting machine and appreciate the company's evolution and investments in innovation of these last years. On the last day we took them to discover the Caglieron caves, one of the jewels of our territory, with its enchanting waterfalls and typical limestone concretions.

Mainho Slu and Lotus professional kitchens for restaurants: a history lasting over 30 years

From 19 to 21 September, a few weeks later, also the agents of Mainho Slu, our official partner who exclusively distributes our industrial kitchens for restaurants throughout the Spanish territory, returned to visit us. We have been collaborating with Mainho Slu since 1992, thirty years of collaboration and in all this time we had the pleasure of having them here with us only in 2003. It was exciting to find, after almost twenty years, the same agents with whom we have been working, achieved and shared many important goals, in these years, one above all the development and consolidation of the Lotus brand in Spain. Thanks also to their excellent work, today we are the first supplier of professional kitchens in the country. And it was also precious to meet in person the new agents with whom we work together every day and to be able to illustrate the particularities of our professional catering kitchens all together in the showroom or to show them how from a stainless-steel sheet we can create a whole perfectly finished and working industrial kitchen. After the commercial training, on the last day we dedicated ourselves to a different training, on the many Italian beauties. On a small boat we did a mini-cruise to visit the main islands of the Venice lagoon, including Murano, Burano and the less known tourist routes Isola di San Francesco of the desert.

To our consolidated partners Kogi Försäljnings and Mainho Slu we extend our thanks for their daily work and commitment and the we hope to see them again soon!