Lotus Book 2023: the complete guide of our restaurant equipment Lotus cookers

Lotus Book 2023: the complete guide of our restaurant equipment

The new Lotus Book is available from today, the company catalogue that collects all the information about our company and its production in one place, presented as a preview at HostMilano 2023 and to its international audience.

It is divided into two parts. The first section is a complete company profile with an overview of Lotus: the history and foundation, the technological and commercial development achieved in these over 35 years of activity, the support services offered to the customers such as the tailor-made design of solutions and spaces in the kitchen and the large customizations of the equipment, from the compositions to the colouring.

The second section is dedicated to the presentation of all our professional catering equipment. Each line is described in detail, both from technical and aesthetic point of view, and is followed by images of the machines and charts highlighting the peculiarities that make the line the most practical, functional, and efficient solution for a certain type of situation. The customer who works in minimal spaces or needs to set up a professional kitchen in a marine environment will find it easy to immediately identify the line and equipment that best meet his needs.

The new Lotus Book also officially announces the new claim "We are your kitchen" which now goes with and integrates the historic payoff "Italian culinary art". "We are your kitchen" is the promise we make to all catering professionals to be for them a technical partner they can completely rely on, being able to support them at best in their work with a top-quality design, technological, technical, and aesthetic solution, with which they will be totally satisfied over time.

To receive a copy of the new Lotus Book, write to lotus@lotuscookers.it.