Agents Meeting 2021: positive feedback for Lotus Lotus cookers

Agents Meeting 2021: positive feedback for Lotus

Lotus has always based on consolidated processes the strengthening of synergies between the company and its partners, one of these processes is the Lotus Agents Meeting.


This new habit is also being promoted this year with the Agents Meeting 2021. The goal is to collect feedback from agents who represent Lotus in the market and share experiences and opinions in a relaxed and professional atmosphere, as to encourage mutual communication.


It is also an opportunity for Lotus professional kitchens to present the preview of the novelties and make a recap of the results achieved with the initiatives of the year.


Considering the health emergency situation still hovering in our country, Alan Dal Pos, CEO of Lotus, expressed his optimism with these words:


"I am very positive about the work and commitment of the Lotus family! We started this year efficiently, ready to meet the demands of a sector that was chomping at the bit to restart. The mutual enthusiasm of suppliers, customers, collaborators and partners has contaminated, in a positive way, the work of each of us. At the end of 2021, we recorded a positive trend in our work both in terms of our supplies of professional kitchens and in terms of good reputation, which was also increased thanks to our commitment to web channels."



What are the highlights of the 2021 Lotus Agents Meeting?


The main points of the agents meeting are basically four.


The first aspect is based on the objective success of Lotus' presence at Host Milano 2021, going well beyond initial expectations. Both domestic and foreign visitors have shown significant interest in the Lotus booth. This has led to the acquisition of new connections and contacts that push Lotus to look to the future with prospects for general improvement.





The second point is linked to the enthusiasm gathered by customers and agents regarding the introduction of new digital technology for the visit of the Lotus stand: the Virtual Tour. The agents said they were happy with the breath of innovation that this tool has brought to our communication, particularly useful for reaching users who have not had the opportunity to attend the fair.


Furthermore, as of today our collaborators continue to take advantage of the virtual tour of the stand to enhance Lotus products in the location of one of the most important trade fairs in the sector. These confirmations lead Lotus to plan further future developments in the exhibition field with the application of virtual tour technology.



A third major reference was in the behind-the-scenes work on the Lotus website. In fact, a particular effort was made to update the new product data sheets with specific technical material. Recently on the site, each product has a technical sheet with a dedicated page for all the main products, providing useful and concrete support to consultants who work closely with Lotus professional customers.


Fourth aspect, last but not least, is the phase of sharing ideas and projects for the realization of future prospects, leading to constant improvement of the product, service and presence.


As a matter of facts structuring of ideas often comes from the sharing phase. The exchange has led to great results in terms of positioning, product innovation and relationship with the customer. Lotus is strongly embracing this highly creative phase, which has also the merit of identifying with foresight trends and solutions that are always appreciated by the end users of our kitchens.


Synergistic collaboration has always been a focal point of Lotus' activity and the 2021 Agents Meeting concretizes the importance of interaction with our partners in an opportunity for professional and human exchange.


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