Lotus Industrial kitchens: 2022 investments and news Lotus cookers

Lotus professional kitchens: 2022 investments and news

Everything that happened in Lotus during 2022, between events, commitments, new satisfactions and old friends


For some time now, the approaching of the end of this year has fallen on a moment of reflection for us in which we look at what we have achieved in the previous months and take stock of how it went, also considering the year to come. It is an appointment we never miss, because on the one hand we like to remember the good times spent together with our employees, customers and sales network agents, on the other we are aware that part of the success (of a company that produces professional kitchens for restaurants all over the world) depends on his ability to carefully plan the next steps by taking advantage of what has just happened.


The year that is about to end? Full of fairs, meetings and investments


There have been so many important events in 2022, including the participation in the three most important trade fairs in the sector of professional kitchens for restaurants - Singapore, Dubai and Havana - and the visits of the commercial networks of our official dealers Kogi Försäljnings and Mainho Slu. In both cases it was a happy and long-awaited moment, which gave us the joy of seeing places and people again after so much time and shaking hands again with long-time colleagues and collaborators. An opportunity to talk in person about future scenarios and projects of our company in their markets: growth strategies in Southeast Asia and development in North Africa and Latin America. Without forgetting Europe and our country: the annual meeting of the Italian Lotus sales network was the perfect moment for setting goals for 2023 and... the excuse for a bike ride among the branches of the Cansiglio forest.


And then investments in new machinery such as the laser cutting machine, in new equipment such as the photovoltaic panels on the roof of our factory and in new tools as the 3D renderings of our industrial kitchens. A set of projects that we strongly wanted to realize as to make us an increasingly autonomous producer of energy who become efficient and competitive in production, in step with the times and attentive to people's needs, also in terms of environmental sustainability.


But not only. At the beginning of the year, the first training course for the Italian sales network was held here on the strategic use of social networks, in particular Facebook, as to acquire and retain customers; a promotional activity that we hope to be able to soon extend to the entire Lotus sales network.

2022 ends for us with the great satisfaction for all we have done and for all the energy we spread, always with seriousness and dedication to reach the development goals of our business. 2023 will be just as full of events and initiatives and we can’t wait to start and tell you about it in the coming months.