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Host Milan 2021 is the International Exhibition of Professional Hospitality, within this specialized fair you can find services, equipment, products and innovations concerning the various sectors of professional catering, gastronomy and the hotel industry.

Host Milan 2021 is the essential appointment for all operators in the sector because "hosting is an art".

Lotus spa will be present also this year with its own exhibition area where its innovative proposals in the field of professional kitchens will be presented.


The significance that Host 2021 has for Lotus spa is an important moment of feedback on what we have been able to achieve in these two years, which represent the transition from the pre-Covid era to what comes after. Many scholars said that the pandemic has increased the pace of innovation that everyone, people and companies have within them, but which is often slowed down by habit. We feel that these two years have been of great innovative power of product and process, and we want to celebrate with everyone at Host 2021 a great goal achieved, the demonstration that Lotus is a strong, healthy company, with numerous resources, to be deployed, always, in times of difficulty as in times of great momentum. - Alan Dal Pos | Lotus Spa CEO


Let's have a look the latest targets that Lotus achieved after Host 2019, and at the end of the article, you will find some previews on the products that will be exhibited to the specialized public of Host 2021 made up of professionals in the sector.





Freeblock 5.0: the customizable professional kitchen


Lotus proposes Freeblock 5.0, the customizable professional kitchen designed to meet the new frontier of industrial processes: Industry 5.0.

In the previous process, defined as 4.0, the main component of technological innovation was given by the strong automation in the work phases, the machine helps humans by limiting their interactions thanks to automatisms designed to limit errors.

The new phase has as its main principle the collaboration between man and machine.

The study in the design process of Lotus is not based solely on improving the efficiency of the product, but on the ability of the latter to enhance human capabilities.

Freeblock 5.0 is the result of this cutting-edge work vision.


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Touch Fry fryer: electronic processing management


The Lotus Touch Fry professional fryer represents one of the main innovations for the frying sector. It allows you to monitor the operations in detail thanks to the electronic management of the machine through a touch screen monitor.

Lotus knows very well the pressing rhythms that take place inside a professional kitchen, with a strong alternation between peaks of work and inactivity of some machines. For this reason, especially in frying processes, ensuring the quality of the oil is an aspect of great importance in order to enhance the flavours of the raw materials.

Touch Fry allows, with its electronic management, to monitor the temperatures of the machine and its modification times, always guaranteeing maximum efficiency in total safety.


BoilSteam ©: the professional multipurpose pastacooker


In Italy, one of the fundamental aspects in the kitchen is definitely the cooking of the pasta. Lotus is well aware of this aspect, and at the Host Milan 2021 fair will display its BoilSteam © professional multi-cooking pastacooker, which can also become a kettle or a steamer.

The purpose of this product is to expand the range of use of the machine by allowing each cooker to perform both the perfect boiling for pasta, for rice and for vegetables as well as having abundant natural steam as needed.

Easy to use thanks to the automatic water loading safety system, managed by two sensors, BoilSteam © represents a novelty that can greatly improve the efficiency and versatility of any professional kitchen.



SuperChrome fry-top: the state of the art of Lotus novelties


The SuperChrome certified chrome griddle surely represents one of the greatest satisfactions presented in terms of innovation.

Advanced research has led Lotus to the creation of a chrome griddle that combines the advantages of chrome griddles together with those of iron griddles.

The particular chrome plating system, which made the griddle eligible for MOCA's Food Safe health certification, is the state of the art among the products displayed by Lotus at Host Milan 2021.

Usability, ease of cleaning and durability are the key elements that will be highlighted at the International Exhibition of Professional Hospitality.


Mega Video of Best Practices 2020/2021 and Host 2021 previews 

Thanks to the important network of collaborating agents, Lotus has been able to carry out, despite the restrictions of the pandemic period, many important projects that were welcomed with great enthusiasm by end users.

This last year was also an opportunity for Lotus to renew its communication. The investments made in digital are leading the brand to be increasingly known in Italy and abroad.

Precisely for this reason, some of the most demanding projects, which involved Lotus also from a technical and operational point of view, not just for the production, will be presented with a video created specifically for the occasion.

Host Milan 2021 will also be an opportunity to present absolute innovations born in this last working year, such as a new line with updated structural characteristics, the acquisition of new certifications in the field of electrical safety, the provision of new INDUSTRIA 4.0 functions for the touch interface on our products, and many more to be presented on the Lotus Stand PAD01 / M29!

Lotus Spa thanks all those who will participate at Host Milan 2021 wishing you all to find inspiration from the work we carried out as well as from all the other companies who will be attending the fair, together with a good progress of this fundamental event for the Italian Horeca.


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