Flame spreader for professional kitchens: buying guide Lotus cookers

Flame spreader for professional kitchens: a guide to efficiency and safety

The flame adapting to the bottom of the pot: impossible? Not anymore! Thanks to the innovative adaptive gas burner crowns, this solution becomes a reality. This new generation of burners are equipped with an ingenious system of targeted flows which allows the flame to adapt perfectly to the dimensions of the pot’s bottom. This means a significant step forward in terms of energy efficiency, reduction of cooking times and safety in professional kitchens.

Burners for professional kitchens: the evolution of cooking systems

Professional kitchen burners represent one of the key elements in the culinary environment, where efficiency and speed are essential. With traditional burners, the flame tends to expand beyond measure when you place the pot on top causing waste of energy.

To help, new adaptive flame spreaders like our FIREFLEX represent a significant evolution in cooktop technology. Thanks to the targeted flow system, FIREFLEX modulates the flame automatically on the size of the pots bottom, making cooking more efficient and uniform and significantly faster. The speed of cooking times offered by this type of latest generation flame spreaders allows greater operational efficiency in the kitchen. Preparations can be done in a shorter time, improving customer service and increasing the overall productivity of the kitchen.

Flame spreaders for hobs: the secret of energy efficiency

One of the most interesting aspects of these new flame spreaders is the way they manage energy. While traditional burners waste heat, directing the flame beyond the edges of the pot, adaptive gas burners, especially those designed by Lotus, prevent this waste. The flame remains constantly within the edges of the pot, regardless of its size, allowing for optimal use of energy.

The result is a more energy efficient kitchen with significant cost savings. These burners, thanks to their ability to maintain a tulip-shaped flame, reduce gas consumption without compromising cooking performance. This aspect is particularly appreciated in professional contexts, where cost management is a crucial element for the success of the business. That is why they are rightfully among what must not be missing in a professional kitchen.

Safety and speed: the winning combination

In addition to energy efficiency, safety is another fundamental aspect in the design of professional flame spreaders. The ability of the adaptive gas burners to modulate the flame to the size of the bottom of the pot helps to make the working environment safer for the kitchen staff. When flame is always controlled and well positioned, accidents related to uncontrolled flare-ups are reduced to a minimum.

This level of flame control offers significant benefits in terms of both energy efficiency and safety. With a 10 kW FIREFLEX burner, for example, it is possible to obtain a docile and well controlled flame, with no risk of excessive expansion

Smart choice for professional and industrial kitchens

Adaptive gas burners are a smart choice for professional and industrial kitchens of all sizes. They are available on different series of Lotus hobs such as IperLotus 90 and 55, SuperLotus 70, MagicLotus 60 and 2wayslotus 110. This range of options makes it possible to be adapted to the different needs and sizes of catering kitchens.

In conclusion, the flame spreaders for professional kitchens offer an intelligent system for managing consumption and cooking times. Thanks to their ability to adapt the flame to the size of the pot’s bottom, these burners improve energy efficiency, reduce waste and increase safety in the kitchen. An innovative and convenient solution for those looking for superior performance and safer working environment in the professional kitchen.

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