Fast deliveries and ready to ship equipment stock Lotus Lotus cookers

Fast deliveries and ready to ship equipment stock Lotus

Fast deliveries and material in stock ready to be shipped even during the summer season: this is our way of supporting the entire Italian and foreign sales network during this time of the year, which as we know is the busiest season for the catering. We also want to reassure our loyal and new customers that we already have on the shelf all the equipment they will need till the end of the season, ready to be delivered. 

In almost 40 years of activity, we have faced many situations in which restaurants, hotels, beach kiosks, food trucks, street vendors and cruise ships contacted us for emergencies as to continue their business without setbacks and annoying operational stops, especially from an economic point of view. Providing last minute equipment that customers forgot to order, solving unexpected problems like a machine breaking down during the season that cannot be repaired, boosting the kitchen's firepower when an unexpected increase of customers happens: we have always been and will always be able, even this year, to promptly supply any type of machine they need.

Our reliability and our promptness in assisting customers are among the qualities that distinguish us as a trusted partner of the restaurant sector.

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