Facebook Training Course for Lotus agents Lotus cookers

Facebook Training Course for Lotus agents

Technology, progress and innovation are in Lotus's DNA, not only in the manufacturing process, but also in the process of customer acquisition and retention. During the year, Lotus launched a new project involving the sales department by creating a course dedicated to the salesmen in order to strengthen their online presence and help them create effective networking on the web, through the use of social networks.


The Course: Using Facebook for Business


Lotus agents have learned to make the best use of Facebook, a Social Network that has over 31 million members in our country, and many target users in the professional kitchen sector. For a better usability of the contents, the Lotus Italian salesmen were divided into two groups, some of them developing a personal profile, some others a business page.

By doing so, the training was customized according to the position strategies of each one of them, taking advantage from the opportunities that Facebook offers for both choices (personal profile or business page) and increasing the opportunities of sharing between the attendees, making the case history more heterogeneous and the results more consistent with one's business.





Quality content to get results


The increase of the visibility of Lotus digital content, as well as the direct approach from social media by new customers, is the goal on which the participants were focused on during the training cycle. The tools provided are in fact techniques and methods of approach and communication that involve the social media user, and that push him to perform an action, an interaction with the salesman and with the Lotus brand.

The first results confirm and add value to the training project, motivating the entire sales team, generating the exchange of positive experiences and personal initiatives, stimulating different styles and strategies, further diversifying the digital positioning of the Lotus brand.



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Lotus at HostMilano: a record event


The HostMilano 2021 event, a very important international event dedicated to Horeca, which took place from 22 to 26 October, was a good test for our agents to whom we asked to share Lotus contents on their Facebook channels in addition to the experience in the Fair: it was real fun and our brand has reached really interesting peaks of celebrity.


Digitize the sales network for new opportunities




Why did Lotus choose this strategy? Recent data collected by PwC highlighted how 78% of people let themselves be influenced by social media during the process of purchasing a product; in B2B, the opinions of our colleagues, also collected online, address 90% of purchasing decisions. Lotus agents therefore become brand ambassadors, also on social networks.

The goal therefore is to create through Facebook tailor-made messages for each type of market and use new touchpoints both to get in touch with new customers and to build customer loyalty of those already acquired.


The web and social media certainly represent a new frontier for the sales department: the tools for acquiring new customers, and also the customer care, have changed over the years and being one step ahead of the competition has always been a characteristic of Lotus!



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