Chef Morelli chooses Lotus for the kitchen of his Pomiroeu Lotus cookers

Chef Morelli chooses Lotus for the kitchen of his Pomiroeu

Located in a magical place in the heart of Brianza. The famous Pomiroeu restaurant of Chef Giancarlo Morelli turns thirty this year. A prime goal that Chef Morelli wanted to celebrate in the best possible way, making a special present to himself, the brigade and the customers by completely renovating the restaurant's kitchen. For this important transformation, Lotus was chosen because of the high performance of its machines and the reliable international reputation as a partner that distinguishes us.

The design of the kitchen was personally supervised by the Chef. Together we defined the composition, colours and the details. Today, the totally customized Pomiroeu kitchen, inspired by the nostalgic charm of ancient stoves and built around a central block, our 110 2wayslotus model, specially designed for restaurants that require top-level performance. The entire kitchen has been realized in an elegant white colour, enriched with the distinctive logo of the chef. Each surface has been created to measure as to ensure hygienic preparation without sacrifices.

The renovation of the professional kitchen of his first restaurant is a moment that will remain in the history of the thirty years of culinary excellence of chef Giancarlo Morelli's career. We thank our agent Valerio Capozucca for the coordination and the Techno Catering and Centro Lariano companies for the on-site technical support. We are grateful for this partnership, which has allowed us to create a cuisine of great value that reflects Chef Morelli's vision and experience and the ability of Lotus to design high-level solutions.

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