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How to build continuous collaborations: Lotus and Ristotecnica

How can the future growth of one’s business in the Restaurant and catering sector be guaranteed?

It certainly is an appropriate question for those who work in the restaurant and catering sector in all of its niches, especially if asked in 2020. Time has brought, and continues to bring, continuous evolution in this sector. And keeping up isn’t always a foregone conclusion and something that is done automatically. Alan Dal Pos, CEO of Lotus SPA, confirms this reality that he has personally witnessed in over 35 years of business activity.

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Freeblock 5.0 Kitchen: the innovation of the tailors of steel

The new industrial process that is emerging, called Industry 5.0, represents a turning point. It does not simply target the increase in production capacity, but the efficiency of the collaboration between man and machine.


Lotus is welcoming this new phase with great enthusiasm, as it is fully in line with its way of thinking. 

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The Lotus anti-Covid strategy

Let’s get past this collective trauma. Our communities have all suffered bereavements and hardship. We need to learn a valuable lesson about new standards of health and safety, new equipment to be used in the company and be three times as careful if and when there is a new wave of the pandemic, but we also need to restart believing in doing what we do best: working!’


Alan Dal Pos – CEO Lotus

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Super Chrome, the worthwhile FryTop

The weak point of a frytop is the plate which can either be smooth or ridged, in iron or chrome-plated, or even in steel.

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Lotus creates the ward kitchen of the Clinique du MontLégia hospital in Belgium.

We are delighted to be able to share a wonderful experience which took place in Liegi, Belgium in such a difficult and intense period.

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HostMilano for Lotus SpA

HostMilano is the leading international trade fair dedicated to the world of catering and hospitality, held in Milan from 18 to 22 October 2019. Every two years, HostMilano, now at its 41st edition, showcases everything a successful bar, restaurant or hotel requires. A point of reference for professional operators of the Ho.Re.Ca market for developing quality business relations.

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Steel makes a comeback and cookers get an exciting injection of colour!

“We have a lot of new products on display at Host this year. We are showcasing the new gas version of the Lotus Freeblock 5.0 Monoblock - Alan Dal Pos explained - with its eye-catching and modern design perfectly in line with the requirements of both the kitchen and chefs. We are also presenting a new innovative MOCA-certified plate material with hygiene certification. A chrome-based material that does not slide or stick to material and does not oxidise like standard chrome.

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January 2020: Lotus' projects in the world

In January 2020, Lotus S.P.A is launching “Lotus’ projects in the world”, an initiative focusing on the global family of Lotus partners and its best projects. Our intention is to shine the spotlight on the very best of Lotus projects, and to do this, we recognise the fundamental importance of your involvement in sharing the best results obtained by installing Lotus products

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The Holiday Inn at Eindhoven Airport chooses Lotus S.P.A.

In this instance, the customer needed a complete, custom-made cooker, adapted to a specific type of space and a variety of preparations which was simple but hard-wearing and meticulously designed down to the smallest detail. May Way, whom I would like to thank, got in touch with us and passed on all the details of the customer’s requirements which we transformed into a project based on the hard-wearing and elegant Freeblock, above all, customisable for all hotel requirements.

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For many years, Lotus S.P.A has offered the ‘Lotus S.p.A’ app to its sales network with which to provide problem-free pre-sales and after-sales assistance to customers.

Managing these activities will now be even easier with our latest ‘Lotus S.p.A’ app. DOWNLOAD IT NOW

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Locanda Chiaravalle chooses Freeblock by Lotus SPA

Here in Lotus SPA, we are well aware of how important it is for the end customer to have the necessary space and equipment required to do their work.

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Lotus Touchfry - the fryer that works for you electronically

Lotus SpA presents the new range of TouchFry fryers with electronic function control and a touchscreen user interface.

The system is very simple: all the oil in the fryer pan can be filtered while hot in just 8 minutes. This means that it is easier and faster to start work again with the same hot, filtered oil.

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The Gran Caribe group chooses Lotus cookers for the Hotel Nacional de Cuba.

The Gran Caribe group chooses Lotus cookers for the Hotel Nacional de Cuba. A historical professional relationship links Lotus S.P.A. and Comercializadora ITH S.A, an important player in local tourism which strives to achieve customer-satisfaction by guaranteeing products and prompt, quality services at competitive prices.

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