The Holiday Inn at Eindhoven Airport chooses Lotus S.P.A. Lotus cookers

The Holiday Inn at Eindhoven Airport chooses Lotus S.P.A.

In this instance, the customer needed a complete, custom-made cooker, adapted to a specific type of space and a variety of preparations which was simple but hard-wearing and meticulously designed down to the smallest detail. May Way, whom I would like to thank, got in touch with us and passed on all the details of the customer’s requirements which we transformed into a project based on the hard-wearing and elegant Freeblock, above all, customisable for all hotel requirements.

Alan Dal Pos

Lotus S.P.A produces a custom-made cooker for the hotel of the Holiday Inn chain, near Eindhoven airport in the Netherlands.

An ambitious project implemented by our long-standing partner MAY WAY GMBH, which designed the perfect custom-made cooker for a kitchen area, organised down to the minutest detail at the Holiday Inn in Eindhoven, part of the renowned hotel chain for leisure and family tourism.

For this reason, May Way GMBH decided to choose Lotus S.P.A products and the collection consisting of Freeblock monoblock cookers was offered in agreement with the customer.

The new Freeblock collection takes its name from this specific feature. It is, in fact, a free-standing monoblock cooker in which the individual components are combined based on taste and requirements. As well as on the requirements for space and ease-of-use of the cooker by the team of chefs and staff of the Holiday Inn hotel.

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In this case, the customer chose Freeblock H0. All the H compartments of this collection feature three rounded or bent corners and a joint-free surface, thus ensuring maximum hygiene and easy cleaning.

This monoblock also features a pan-holder rack combined with a salamander and hot and cold water column tap with swivel spout.

For further information on this product, please download our Lotus S.P.A app from iTunes or Play Store.