“Chrome plate drives me crazy!” Lotus cookers

Super Chrome, the worthwhile FryTop

“Chrome plate drives me crazy!”

This phrase can be interpreted in two very different ways. One very positively while the other...quite negatively!

The weak point of a frytop is the plate which can either be smooth or ridged, in iron or chrome-plated, or even in steel. Each one of these solutions in the use of these materials can create specific problems.


For example, if the iron is ductile, the price will undoubtedly be lower, but it will require cleaning constantly and be very expensive or complex or, as often happens, unsatisfactory. Not to mention oxidation, which lurks around the corner, bringing with it the risk of damaging the top permanently, in no time at all.


The situation improves with chrome-plated tops, but the delicate surface means great care must be taken when using it and not being able to work, bang or cut on it without the risk of scratching the chrome plating, which will then start to crack and peel, affecting its integrity and the edibility of the food. In this case, the cost will be greater than the iron top, but the effort involved in maintaining its efficiency and the procedures required to so in the kitchen will be significant.





Lastly, there is the AISI 316L+Fe steel compound, which is costly but improves efficiency, however it limits use to the smooth top because a ridged version is not available. A significant limitation!


An interesting new product has come on the scene which can solve all the critical problems involved, even where cost is concerned. The new Super Chrome top by Lotus S.P.A. solves all the limitations of normal chrome-plated frytops: usability, duration, cutting, cleaning, heat and ridging.


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The new and original patented chrome-plating system with a matt finish, makes both the smooth and ridged surface highly workable, as if it were a steel compound. Moreover, it has obtained the exclusive FCM certification for materials and objects in contact with food required for hygiene.


To receive more information about the new Super Chrome FryTop, please consult our sales reps by calling the switchboard on +39 0438 778020 or at the email address alan.dalpos@lotuscookers.it.


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