Locanda Chiaravalle chooses Freeblock by Lotus SPA Lotus cookers

Locanda Chiaravalle chooses Freeblock by Lotus SPA

In 2017, our partner Techno Catering was contacted to design the new kitchen for the Locanda Chiaravalle - Borgo Nuovo Restaurant & Lounge. The customer’s mandate was very clear: a custom-made, functional kitchen fitted with everything needed to make the chef’s life easier when preparing traditional, top-quality Milanese dishes in the elegant setting of the town and Abbey of Chiaravalle.

Here in Lotus SPA, we are well aware of how important it is for the end customer to have the necessary space and equipment required to do their work. So, when our partner contacted us, we already knew which was the perfect product for Locanda Chiaravalle. 

After an initial consultation, we had no hesitation in suggesting the Freeblock H0, made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel with a 4mm thick monoblock top that is easy to clean and ideal for guaranteeing maximum hygiene. Fitted with full-length induction hobs and touch controls. 

Photos of the Freeblock H0 monoblock cooker are shown below featuring all the above-mentioned elements. 

In the other photos, you can also see the finished result installed in the kitchens of the Locanda Chiaravalle, now known as Borgo Nuovo Restaurant. 

For further information on this product, please download our Lotus S.P.A app from iTunes or Play Store.