Lotus-Touchfry-Electronic-Fryer Lotus cookers

Lotus Touchfry - the fryer that works for you electronically

Lotus SpA presents the new range of TouchFry fryers with electronic function control and a touchscreen user interface.


This innovative fryer has a touchscreen on which you can accurately adjust the temperature and other parameters. One of the most interesting new features is the possibility of filtering the oil, while hot (180°C), without losing any work time. The system is very simple: all the oil in the fryer pan can be filtered while hot in just 8 minutes. This means that it is easier and faster to start work again with the same hot, filtered oil.


Here in Lotus S.P.A., we know how frenetic operations in a restaurant kitchen can be, based on peak times and periods of inactivity, but we also understand the importance of always using top-quality materials.

Consequently, guaranteeing the quality of the oil in the fryer during use is an added bonus that can become standard practice and communicated to your customers in terms of health and hygiene, as well as improving the flavour of food.


One of the new features of the TouchFry fryers is the possibility of storing the frying method data. This allows us to satisfy the demand for the customisation of a very important function received through feedback from the market and our customers.

As a result, we have included the option of storing up to 100 different cooking methods. This results in greater efficiency in daily operations and organisation of procedures among staff. It also reduces the risk of error because it will no longer be necessary to re-enter settings when you want to change the frying method.



To receive more information on the new TouchFry Fryer, please contact our sales and marketing staff by calling +39 0438778020 or sending an email to alan.dalpos@lotuscookers.it.



All the FRY range of fryers by Lotus S.P.A. are hard-wearing and durable because the electric and gas components are manufactured with materials according to EC standards.
Featuring external housing and doors in ‘Scotch Brite’ satin-finish stainless steel, they are reliable, efficient, easy to clean and convenient to use with glossy chrome-plated steel baskets and removable lid with handle.


To receive more information about this range and all the other Lotus product ranges, please download the Lotus S.P.A. app from iTunes and Play Store.