In January 2020, Lotus S.P.A is launching “Lotus’ projects in the world” Lotus cookers

January 2020: Lotus' projects in the world

In January 2020, Lotus S.P.A is launching “Lotus’ projects in the world”, an initiative focusing on the global family of Lotus partners and its best projects. Our intention is to shine the spotlight on the very best of Lotus projects, and to do this, we recognise the fundamental importance of your involvement in sharing the best results obtained by installing Lotus products; the best solutions and combinations, providing a constant source of new inspirations for the projects in the pipeline, waiting to be implemented.

For Lotus, our installation partners are a fundamental part of the family that we have been building worldwide since the 1980s. In recognising their central role, we want to dedicate the “Lotus' projects in the world” project to this family, the project that from 2020 will focus on the choices and achievements that have been made all over the world.

The world of catering needs to be constantly updated on the elements we are developing and designing for every type of need and space requirement, because they constantly change, year by year.

Accordingly, Lotus S.P.A has taken a multi-faceted approach and the cookers we design range from small, functional monoblock models to large-scale, made-to-measure cookers. Moreover, the constant technological innovations made to the products (modules, touch screens, etc.) over the years are the result of requirements requested directly by customers (Lotus’ customer-centred approach).

We implement ambitious projects worldwide and to do so, Lotus S.P.A. makes use of a network of sales staff and resellers selected in line with our policy of quality and service. Each one of them is important because the synergy created between the company and the reseller is unique.


Are you a Lotus reseller and do you want to take part in this amazing project too?


What is “Lotus’ Projects in the World”?  

It is our way of showcasing your installations through our communications channels (official website and Lotus app, social media channels) to tell a whole host of interesting stories about the very best Lotus projects. From their conception to their implementation. Demonstrating how the collaboration between Lotus S.P.A. and its resellers results in unique projects like the installation in the kitchen of the Holiday Inn Hotel in Eindhoven.

We are proud to give you a practical demonstration of how our products can, in your hands, showcase highly functional and exceptional installations which, for many years to come, will provide end customers with a free rein to express their creativity and lay the foundations of their own success!

You too can become part of the Lotus’ projects in the world. Contact us.

Share your best practice! Read the project rules and send the requested material so we can publish your installation!