How to build continuous collaborations: Lotus and Ristotecnica Lotus cookers

How to build continuous collaborations: Lotus and Ristotecnica

How to build continuous collaborations: Lotus and Ristotecnica



How can the future growth of one’s business in the Restaurant and catering sector be guaranteed?

It certainly is an appropriate question for those who work in the restaurant and catering sector in all of its niches, especially if asked in 2020. Time has brought, and continues to bring, continuous evolution in this sector. And keeping up isn’t always a foregone conclusion and something that is done automatically. Alan Dal Pos, CEO of Lotus SPA, confirms this reality that he has personally witnessed in over 35 years of business activity.


But what allows Lotus to be a company with such a long history in this sector?


“Building continuous collaborations with mutual trust. The restaurant and catering industry is truly vast and dynamic, for those working in it, offering a good product it is not enough ... it is essential that we are able to work together with our customers and suppliers. Their ideas and the suggestions they give related to the direct daily use of Lotus products, are what allows us to continue to improve the positioning of our brand and our work, identifying increasingly appropriate solutions.” - A. Dal Pos





In the course of the years, Lotus has shown a particular attention to the design phase of its kitchens by involving local distributors not as simple customers, but as actual technical and commercial partners


This approach has allowed many of these partners to feel part of the Lotus family and collaborate side by side for years.


But collaboration goes beyond the act of purchase or the discussion of a project. Lotus has also thought about how to valorise continuous relationships with real communication strategies


The communication aimed at making this mutual trust known is proving to be a further step forward in consolidating and strengthening intercompany operations.


What does it take to build lasting collaborations?



“When you offer professionalism and passion with your work, consolidating a relationship of trust is practically an automatic thing. The step that allows you to make the qualitative leap is when you share your vision and objectives with your partners. When you discover the harmony of views ... that is where the foundations for the future are laid.”- A. Dal Pos


Lotus was founded as a family-run company and its growth did not eliminate the human factor in its modus operandi. On the contrary, even today, Lotus is a strong believer in the importance of the synergies established with the people with whom it interacts.  


From the phase of direct collaboration in important projects, the valorisation of business relationships now intersects with an efficient shared communication.


How was this made possible?





Ristotecnica: from shared operations to co-marketing



Ristotecnica a company operating in all-around Restaurant and catering technologies, involves Lotus as a supplier for large-scale professional kitchens. Ristotecnica has its own showroom, its own communication and operational methodology, its own history and its own market.


Ristotecnica has been collaborating with Lotus for many years, with mutual satisfaction both with regard to the human factor united with professionalism, and for the quality of the product and support service over time. 


Over the years, this continuous mutual satisfaction in operational cooperation has led to a desire to take a step forward: cooperating in communication.


The solidity of a company is not based exclusively on its own foundations but also passes through its partners. 


Why not make your future more solid by transparently showing that you are “on the same wavelength”?


Hence the project of drawing up shared communication lines to demonstrate the understanding resulting from years of fruitful working relationships.



Expanding collaborations without national limits



In the past, Lotus has participated in numerous projects even beyond the national borders, exporting Italian Culinary Art, among the main made in Italy sectors, even in very remote places.


Lotus’s goal is to strengthen its network of collaborations, as it strongly believes that they are fundamental for continuous business improvement. 


Lotus SPA not only supplies a product, namely, its constantly evolving kitchens (see Freeblock 5.0), but also a know-how consolidated by years of experience in technical and after-sales support. From the design phase to the support phase, Lotus is available to flank the best business partners also abroad. 

For this reason, it is also available to evaluate new collaborations and new projects to be highlighted (Lotus Projects in the world), making available not only its own kitchens, but also the human approach that is such an essential aspect of Italian Culinary Art.


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