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Since 1985 LOTUS produces professional kitchen for small catering environments characterized by a wide functionality and by the extreme quality of the materials used.

MODULARITY and INTEGRABILITY are two of the keywords that describe LOTUS products entirely made in Italy.

A LOTUS professional kitchen is the result of an advanced production process based on research and innovation. LOTUS studies, designs and verifies dimensions, measures, different powers, new or complementary equipment, such as salamanders, lava stone grills, ceramic glass tops, braziers, as well as technological innovations such as induction, wok, sousvide and softcooker, that improve the functionality of a kitchen and respond flexibly to new traditional, multi-ethnic and international needs.




Italian culinary art


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04/11/2023 Lotus Book 2023: the complete guide of our restaurant equipment

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13/09/2023 We are your kitchen is the new Lotus claim

Our historic payoff "Italian Culinary Art", which has allowed us to be present in a consolidated way in almost all countries of the world,
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