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Professional Kitchen


Since 1985 LOTUS produces professional kitchen for small catering environments characterized by a wide functionality and by the extreme quality of the materials used.

MODULARITY and INTEGRABILITY are two of the keywords that describe LOTUS products entirely made in Italy.

A LOTUS professional kitchen is the result of an advanced production process based on research and innovation. LOTUS studies, designs and verifies dimensions, measures, different powers, new or complementary equipment, such as salamanders, lava stone grills, ceramic glass tops, braziers, as well as technological innovations such as induction, wok, sousvide and softcooker, that improve the functionality of a kitchen and respond flexibly to new traditional, multi-ethnic and international needs.




Italian culinary art


Lotus focus on the Green Economy

One of the issues that has always been taken to heart by Lotus concerns Eco-sustainability and the Green Economy.
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Steel tailoring: Lotus new laser cutting machine

Lotus spa positions itself in the market for the production and sale of professional kitchens with a specialization in the use of various stainless-steel alloys worked in a precise and studied way. This particular talent of using this metal alloy has made us a sort of "Steel Tailors". The latest innovation regarding the Lotus machinery is the Ensis AJ steel laser cutting machine.
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Facebook Training Course for Lotus agents

Technology, progress and innovation are in Lotus's DNA, not only in the manufacturing process, but also in the process of customer acquisition and retention. During the year, Lotus launched a new project involving the sales department by creating a course dedicated to the salesmen in order to strengthen their online presence and help them create effective networking on the web, through the use of social networks.
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SIRHA 2021 - Lyon, France

We will be present at international fair SIRHA in Lyon, from 23 to 27/09/2021 Pad.5 - Stand B61
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HOST 2021 - Milano, Italy

We will be present at international fair HOST in Milano, from 22 to 26/10/2021 Pad.1 - Stand M/29 - N/30
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HOST 2019 - Milano, Italy

We will be present at international fair HOST in Milano, from 18 to 22/10/2019 Pad.1 - Stand M/29 - P/30
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